Experiences, Endings and Emotions

This week I’m feeling thoughtful. I’ll share some more packing and moving details soon, but here are some thoughts for now.

I believe the last time I wrote there were 63 days left until moving day. As I type, there are 11 days! We have packed a lot into these last 52 days. Our family life has been a lot more full than what is normal for us, but we have cherished the time spent with the many people who have filled our lives in Niagara.

There are so many more precious moments with friends and family.

Two weeks ago, we ended a great school year for the kids. We’re so thankful for the community at our kids’ school. Looking back, I see how N grew in her confidence and we are so proud of her for winning an award for being encouraging. While she doesn’t enjoy the work part of learning, she shines at being comforting and gentle with her friends. J was so sad to be finished school and told me he wanted to live there. (I told him I’d remember that comment when he’s older.) Our boy has a hunger for knowledge and loves to learn, which makes school enjoyable for him, and easy for us. It has been so inspiring to see him develop an interest in the countries of the world, starting with a unit at school, then memorizing the globe at home and creating a booklet of the flags of the world (at least the ones he thought he could draw.) Yet, the last day of school was less emotional than I thought it would be. Perhaps it was the full schedule and needing to move on to what was next that day, or perhaps it was just still too surreal for the end of that chapter to sink down into those emotions. We left school after playing on the playground, just like any other day.

I spent my final working days trying to wrap up projects during what is one of our busiest seasons. Passing on the torch, trusting that God knew he was sending us, so he also has a plan for the position I’ve left at our church. I really enjoyed my job there and I appreciate so much the encouraging, godly people I got to work with and for.

I’m thankful for the faith that God gave us in this year of transition. Ten months ago we were hurting and confused, but trust was there and never seemed to waiver and all I can say is God’s peace was in our hearts because we’ve seen His faithfulness again and again. Ten months ago, I would have laughed if you told me I’d have placed most of my possessions into the hands of others and would be packing up what meagre belongings were left into 6 plastic totes, two suitcases, and some carry-ons to take to the other side of the world. I would have cried and fought and would have been angry about the change that meant for my family. Yet here I am, feeling like I’ve been on a gentle rollercoaster. We’ve had our ups and downs and uncertainties, but we’ve been carried along so gently that somehow we find ourselves here, a week and a half away from moving, looking back at God’s lovingkindness to us this year and looking forward to the adventures, trials, and blessings he has for us in this next chapter.

We are spending our final days with family and friends and as we part, hugging extra tight and saying awkward goodbyes – because what do you say to those special people who have filled your life with joy and meaning. My heart is happy. Reflecting on the blessing of people that God has placed in our life puts me in a state of awe. Our life is FULL. Full of amazing people in every corner you look, they’re there and they have been an amazing support to us especially in these last months. One thing I’ve learned though, and have become appreciative of, is that God puts people in your life for a time. Some are there for a long time, some for a short time, some for a specific place and some for no matter where you are. I’m grateful for technology and how easily we can keep in touch, but I know we’ll have a new community to fill our lives again. I’m glad we’ve already been able to get to know some and I’m excited to meet new people and experience life with them.

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