July14-15 Tearful goodbyes and airport drama

Internet has been spotty as I don’t have it hooked up yet. I think I’ve managed to sneak in one update and more to come!

July 14-15

There were a lot of tears in our final week at home. It started with the kids. It hit them hard that this was coming and they couldn’t stop it. Bedtime was the most difficult since they were tired and didn’t want the next day to mean one less day at home. Yet, their prayers were hopeful, grateful and trusting. I see God working in them, they’re young, but they understand a lot.

I have been very sad to say goodbye to so many amazing people but haven’t always cried about it. I was sure I would be a blubbery mess with many people, but I think it just hasn’t hit me yet. It will though. I’ve been running on adrenalin for the last two months and it’s going to wear off soon. But it’s not just that. God has been seeing us through this and I’m sure giving us the energy we need. So please don’t take my lack of tears as I’m not going to miss you and it’s not difficult, I am and it is. Jeremiah told me that one night he was trying to cry because he thought he should since he was sad. I told him he could be sad without crying and it doesn’t make it any more real.

As M and I packed away our last two days, the kids were at the neighbour’s house, enjoying themselves and staying out of harm’s way at home. Saturday morning, J woke up saying ‘please don’t let it be Saturday.’ But he was very happy to head over to the neighbours once he was up.

Once everything was packed and there was nothing left to do, M and I headed next door as well, savouring our time with neighbours become friends. Then we tore ourselves away to have dinner with my family at my parent’s house. It was so sweet to be there, the home where I grew up, the home where my dad grew up, possibly saying goodbye to that place as well as selling it is in the near future for my parents. Saying goodbye for now to my sisters and their families and my parents was the hardest yet. I’m so blessed by these amazing people. The kids bawled, we bawled and yet they were sweet moments as we cherished each other.

We took a few more moments with my parents, then went home to gather our things, say our last goodbye’s to M’s brother and sister-in-law, more tears and M’s dad whisked us off to the airport.

Here we are before the fun started.


11:30pm, there’s no line. We began checking in our luggage (7 totes, two suitcases, 4 carry-ons and 4 personal bags). The lady at the check-in counter starts with the carry-on. It’s too heavy she says. What?! We’ve never had our carry-on weighed, not even when we took this same flight in February! Sorry, carry on can’t be more than 8 kg. M had spent a lot of time making sure our checked bags were all the right size and weight, but we never thought about the carry-on. Every single bag was stuffed! I mean, sit on top of, please don’t make me open this kind of stuffed. And most were about 20kg.

The attendant kindly pointed us to an area that we could use to repack our bags and weigh them. I have to admit, I was quite frazzled at this point. We couldn’t just put some of our carry-on items into the totes, they were also full. Choosing what to take in the first place was a difficult task, now here we go again, opening all the bins, taking out more books, all the food we took for snacks, photo albums, making room, shifting things around and finally getting our weight right. At about 12:20am another attendant came over to let us know they were closing the check-in counter in 10 minutes. Thankfully, M’s dad came in with us and was able to take home the 5 bags or so of stuff we had to remove. We put it all back together and rushed back to the counter saying only a quick thank you and goodbye to Dad/Opa. Not the way we had planned that one.

We ran to security, got a ride to our gate and waited only a few minutes to board the plane. At least we didn’t have a lot of time sitting around. This is supposed to be an adventure after all!

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