That Euphoric Feeling of Accomplishment

I’m riding on a high of accomplishment right now!

Isn’t it funny how some small things can make you feel so great? It’s like shopping. You know the feeling when you get something new and you just feel a little boost of happy endorphins? The feeling doesn’t last long though, and that’s why you really shouldn’t go shopping to make yourself feel better. I’m not advocating for shopping to make yourself feel better.

No, I’m not on a shopping high. Although, buying some things for our home lately have brought me some happy endorphins. Giving our home some personality and adding colour and texture where it was seriously lacking actually really made me feel great and continues to allow me a breath of satisfaction when I’m in those spaces.

But that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about that feeling of accomplishment when you’ve created something. I often look at a project or think about what I’d like to do for a long time, thinking about how I can accomplish it, what I would like the end product to be, what is standing in my way of accomplishing this thing, how much do I want this thing…you get it. Sometimes I make something because I really love the process, like knitting. Sometimes I make something because it’s practical and I need it, like dinner, or it’s not practical, but I want it, like brownies.

Today I made peanut butter. Practical and delicious! It still seems so amazing to me, and yet, why have I never done this before. I have paid good money for ‘just peanuts’ mashed about when I could have been doing this myself all along! I’m not sure when we transitioned to the ‘just peanuts’ peanut butter, but we’ve found it difficult to go back to the style with more ingredients. In Kemang, it hasn’t been too difficult to find peanut butter, but it has been, so far, impossible to find the simple, just peanuts variety.

We recently bought a blender so I can make smoothies. It came with a dry grinder attachment which I’ve found valuable for grinding coffee beans. It came to me one day, why couldn’t I use it to grind up peanuts!? Do it long enough and it will make a paste. After a little research, I realized, this is the process, just grind them up in your blender or food processor, add some salt, add some honey if you want and that’s it. So, this weekend I stocked up on shelled peanuts, and roasted them in my oven. Then I filled the grinder attachment and turned it on. It got a bit stuck at first, but I encouraged the sticky peanuts away from the edge and let it go. Within 3 minutes I had mostly smooth peanut butter! I filled a jar, put a lid on it, stuck it in the fridge and basked in my creative, homemade accomplishment. After licking my fingers clean, I went on with my day, feeling pretty good about myself.

Sometimes, we all just need a little success to give us a boost. It has no bearing on my self-esteem, no need to worry that I’ll get all puffed up with my peanut butter making skills. But I think we all need a definitive, ‘yes I can do this, look, I’ve done something productive’ moment in our lives.

It’s so great to set ourselves goals.  I think we need to remind ourselves that even small goals are worthwhile and are often the path to greater accomplishments.

So here’s to small goals and peanut butter! Hope you have a great week.

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2 thoughts on “That Euphoric Feeling of Accomplishment

  1. I think you are amazing! I love reading your blogs and seeing your photos and posts on Facebook. I am so impressed with how you can turn the difficult season of culture shock into an adventure. May today be a day of small victories, Blessings


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