Buying Used

I love to buy used if I can. In Canada, kijiji was my go-to, or I used buy and sell groups on facebook. Although I have to learn the different companies or websites to use in Jakarta, there are many similar services (and some better) to what I knew in Canada.

  • Tokopedia is an online shopping site, similar to amazon.
  • Go-Jek gets me rides, I can use them to deliver large items, to deliver take-out food, to send an item, to order movie tickets and more.
  • Facebook has buy and sell groups.

Locals, what other sites or apps have you found to make life a little easier?

A friend introduced me to similar facebook groups here in Jakarta, some specifically for expats (in English, so there are fewer language barriers.) There are always people coming and going so you can find many household items, bikes, furniture, kids clothes, toys and books, anything really. I haven’t come across any standalone site like kijiji, but I’m sure there is one. It seems I’m always learning about new things around here.

One of my searches was bikes for our kids. I have only ever bought used bikes for them because the price point is so much better and I have found great quality. However, for some reason, the size I needed for my kids was just not coming up in any of these groups. I’m sure if I waited long enough, something would have come up, but it had been four months and my kids enjoy riding their bikes, it gets them active and outside. So, we decided to just purchase these new for the kids.

My latest search was for a bunk bed. We are excited to welcome and host friends and family in our home. My parents are coming for Christmas (hooray!), so while we have guests, they can use the large bed in N’s room and the kids can bunk together in J’s. There are also many nights when the kids just feel lonely and scared. They used to share a wall that both beds were against. They would talk to each other, or knock, sometimes to Jeremiah’s frustration. With a bunk bed, they can be together when they need to be, without the hassles of sharing a bed.

I’ve been searching since we arrived, but again, the right thing just hasn’t come up. Bed sizes are different here. The single size is smaller than what the kids had in Canada and the size they have now is slightly larger. Most bunks are made for the smaller size.

I had given up on finding a used bunk or even a new one in the size that we have mattresses for, so we went to a local furniture maker and ordered one. The next day, there it was on facebook! The exact same size that I was looking for. Hopeful, I arranged to go look at the bed on the weekend.

After a 30 minute drive, 14km away, we arrived. The very kind family welcomed us into their home to look at the bed, but the quality was not what I was hoping for. It wasn’t going to fall down or anything, but where the mattresses rested was poor quality. I told them I would discuss it with my husband and took my taxi back the now one hour drive home. We discussed the pros and cons of this bed but decided it wasn’t a good purchase.

Back to our friend the furniture maker and now we wait, hoping to get the bed before my parents arrive. Now we’ll have a great quality bunk bed that I’m sure we’ll sell no problem when the time comes.

I didn’t find a good deal this time, but I did have one successful purchase through Facebook Expat Marketplace. Books! These are not cheap here and I was able to buy 7 used books for my kids for about $20 Canadian. This was so simple because I transferred the money to her bank account and she shipped it to me the next day. They were waiting for me in my apartment lobby after school.

I’m sure I’ll continue to make use of these sites. There are still many things on our wish list!

What’s your favourite used purchase?

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