Salamat Hari Paskah – Happy Easter

I love that Easter in Indonesian is the same word as one of my favourite Easter traditions! Easter Bread – Paska!

In our family and community, paska is a sweet bread covered with icing and sprinkles that we make at Easter. Easter Sunday morning you’ll find many Mennonite churches with a breakfast full of various versions of this delicious bread. Here in Jakarta, making this and sharing it with my new family has certainly helped to make it feel more like Easter.

I’m not really sure what it even means to say it feels like Easter. Where I’m from, that means spring (and hopefully no snow.) It means tulips and daffodils, it means egg hunts and chocolate, it means Paska and family gatherings. It means gathering together with our church family to celebrate the death and resurrection of our Saviour. It’s truly my favourite celebration because it is what everything else hinges on, it is the hope we have and the reason for our joy. 

I still dearly miss my church family and all the events this past weekend that gathered them together.  I am also more and more grateful for and in awe of this community that God has brought us into. 

This weekend we had an impromptu Good Friday morning gathering with Bible story and prayer for the kids in our building. Saturday we had an egg hunt, games and potluck and Sunday we worshipped at church. 

We have the blessing of a new church family and pastors that bring us God’s word where each week I am faced with the reality of my sins and the beauty of God’s mercy. We wrestle with difficult passages and seek the Lord for his truth, responding in faith with praise and adoration.

There is another family that we have here as well. Our SPH community. This past week and a half I have seen this community at its finest. One of our dear friends and colleagues passed away suddenly, graduating to heaven sooner than we would have liked, leaving his wife and two daughters. The mark he left on this world is deep and beautiful. The light he reflected from his saviour was bright and still shines on.

I’ve been washed in gratefulness this week for the way God works, although mysterious and often painful, not what we think we need or want. I’ve been grateful that I can witness such beautiful people loving each other in ways you can only experience through pain. There is strong faith here, there is acceptance, there is patience. Here, there is Jesus and that is what Easter feels like.

“they shall come and proclaim his righteousness to a people yet unborn, that he has done it.” Psalm 22:31

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