Happy Canada Day

Happy Canada Day!!!

This is the the second July 1st I have spent away from Canada and coincidentally, the second I have spent in the southern hemisphere. Seventeen years ago I was in beautiful New Zealand, preparing to leave Capernwray Bible School.

My memories of celebrating Canada’s birthday happen to also fall into the same memories as my own birthday celebrations since July 1st is also my birthday. 

As a child, we were often camping or at a cottage for this long weekend. As I got older, friends would come celebrate with a bon fire and s’mores. One year a friend took me to the zoo, but it was usually just about enjoying the holiday.

Most of my married life, Mark and I have made sure to go out and pick cherries, (I’m definitely missing these,) one of our favourite local fruits and in its very short season around this time. The kids have joined us as well. We picked them for pleasure, but our parents have memories of picking these for money, or just because they were expected to help out on the family farm. 

Being out in nature has been a constant for me during these celebrations.

Today, I was quite relieved that the drizzly weather we’ve had in Perth, cleared up, the sun came out and we were able to stroll around Fremantle enjoying the warmth of the sun, cool breeze off the ocean and sweet fresh air. There were no festivities in the air, no cake in the park or fireworks to look forward to, but that’s ok, we are in Australia afterall.

Canada may not be a perfect country, but it’s my home and I am a proud Canadian. Our family is learning flexibility and resiliency living and traveling in new places. We are learning to appreciate the differences rather than judging them, but it also brings us to appreciate many of the things we took for granted in Canada. We’ve had a full year and I’m truly grateful for the growing and stretching that has occurred.

So happy Canada Day! 

Whether you are Canadian or not, I hope you’re able to look at your place of origin with appreciation and trust God in where He has brought you or is bringing you, whether it is thousands of kilometres or only a few. 

What are your favourite Canada Day (or birthday) traditions?

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